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Unfortunately, each person’s situation is different, and so, the fees are adjusted according to your specific case situation. Therefore, only the attorney at the consultation stage will be able to give you a quote that will be reflected in your contract if you decide to engage in our legal representation.

You may pay the Law Firm by check, money order, or Zelle. If you would like to have a payment plan, you may do so through our preferred partner applying for a line of credit if you qualify.

At the Law Offices of Nina Llerena, PLLC we care about your needs. If you are willing to have a personalized service, be truthful, and trust our reputation, knowledge of the law, and experience, we are here to represent you in the most ethical and professional manner possible.

Each month you will receive an update about your case by email. If you would like to have a fifteen-minute talk with the attorney, you may do so by requesting an additional appointment to discuss your case. If your case has any changes in the meantime, you will be contacted directly from our firm to speak to you if you are available or to coordinate the time that you are better able to speak to us.

By sending us an email to Or by giving us a call to (239) 331-3392, or following the link to request an appointment.

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law is a very complex area of the law. It is much more than completing a form. It consists of verify that you qualify for the Immigration benefit that you require for you or your family members and provide all the required evidence for your application process to run smooth, avoid Request for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny letters that may take a long time to process, delaying your case. And to be by your side all the steps of the way, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

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